Pastor Will Ramirez

Bro. Will Ramirez is the pastor of Bodine Baptist Church, leading us in “Holding forth the Word of Life” and applying scriptural truths to our lives, redeemed by God through His grace.
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Pastor Will Ramirez

I was raised in a Christian home. I cannot remember a time that church was not a part of my life. My parents did their best to lead me in the right way; by most standards, I was a “good” person.

I was a devout “Christian”, but did not have Christ in my life. I was 21 when I received Christ as my Savior. Since then, I have strived to let Christ shine thru me. I have fallen short many times, but always have found a Heavenly Father who loves, cares and forgives me.

My desire is to serve Him; as I serve Him, I grow closer to Him every day.


  • Missionary – Sweden – Karl Andersson
  • Missionary – Lighthouse Independent Baptist Church – Rey Dove
  • Pastor’s Secretary – Karen Cox