Bro Karl Andersson

Missionary to Sweden, previously Izena & Okinawa, Japan, answering the call of the Lord because He first loved us (1 John 4:19).

Karl & Masayo Andersson are faithfully serving in Jonkoping, Sweden

Quarterly letter is available to download here.

Excerpts from the quarterly letter:

“Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ and friends around the world. Greetings in the name of our wonderful Savior Lord Jesus Christ. First of all, we would like to thank you all so much for your faithfulness in supporting us and praying for us. We know in our hearts that without you dear people we would never be able to be here in Sweden and have our own home for the first time in our lives. I would like for all you dear churches to know that we pray for you and thank God everyday for you.

I will finish this time with asking you all to pray especially for Masayo and my Mother. Masayo has had a hard time this summer with her asthma, and on top of that she had a bad case of pneummonia. She was on penicillin and an extra cortisone in addition to her daily medicines. One day she passsed out on me. It was scary but by the grace of God, I was able to help her start breathing again. She will have a check up with a specialist in August, so please pray for her. We were able to bring Mother here to visit our house this summer. She is getting to the point that she needs a lot of daily care, so please pray with us in this matter

Truly with love Bro. Karl and Masayo
Because Christ loved us first”

Bro. Rey Dove

Working to establish an independent baptist church on the north side of Oklahoma City

Bro. Rey Dove – Northside Mission – Lighthouse Independent Baptist Mission

Excerpts from quarterly letter (download here):

Dear friends, 

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

We’ve again resumed door to door outreach in the neighborhood closest to our work. A few of the people I recognized from previous canvases. I always find it odd that for the majority of people, a football game or some other activity has more importance than the care of their own souls. But it also reminds me of the time in my own life when others cared for my soul more than I did. In the time before my conversion, several tried to witness to me, none of them got very far until the Sunday we visited an Independent Baptist Church for American Military in Germany. That’s where I got saved the first time I a heard a clear presentation of the gospel. 

Thank you for your faithfulness in serving the Lord, and your prayers and financial
support of this ministry.

In His care
Bro. Rey Dove”

Faith Purpose Missions
Thru Faith Purpose Missions, we encourage our families, no matter the size, to be willing to adopt a missionary and their family which we support. We encourage support financially but likewise prayerfully and socially thru emails, letters, phone calls, birthday cards, etc. We have seen many deep and long lasting relationships develop between our members and the missionaries they support.


Foreign Mission Map:


Foreign Missionaries Mission Field Sponsoring Church
Becky & Jen Bowling Philippines Central Baptist Church
Pene Faafouina Samoa Metropolitan Baptist Church
Kent Gossmeyer England Beth Haven Baptist Church
Reiner Harper Toronto, Canada Grace Bible Baptist Church
Tom Hastings Germany Hillcrest Baptist Church
Bruce Martin Honduras Metropolitan Baptist Church
Larry Morgan Ghana, Africa Spring Valley Baptist Church
William Muldoon New Guinea Liberty Baptist Tabernacle
Tyler Nikkel Papua New Guinea Lighthouse Baptist Church
Solomon Rao India East Side Baptist Church
Adam Rosenbalm Ghana Bible Way Missionary Baptist
Jeremy Rowley Prince Edward Island, CAN Vandament Baptist Church
Randy Smith Japan Independent Baptist Church
Dennis Thomas Latin America Miss. Midway Baptist Church
Frank Tottingham Australia Worthington Baptist Church
Nathan Wheatley Spain Mid-Way Baptist Church


Home Mission Map:


Home Missionaries Mission Field Sponsoring Church
Steve Andres Missionary to State Fairs Heritage Baptist Church
Calvary Boys Ranch Eufaula, OK Calvary Baptist Church
Camp Masterson Borger, TX Riverview Baptist Church
Jean Paul Escalera Helping churches Valley Baptist Church
Gary Hampton Nome, Alaska Rodgers Baptist Church
Jason Herndon Native Indians, New Mexico Cleburne County BC
Brian Hughes Alaska Rodgers Baptist Church
Dr. Briney Univ. of Ark. Campus – Fayetteville, AR Mission Blvd. Baptist Church