Journey of Faith- September 1, 2013

Journey of Faith- September 1, 2013


3501 S.E. 59th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73135

Pastor Joe Cook Hocking, Ph.D.

Pastor’s Perspective

The sermon today is about being glad. When we consider all that our Lord has done for us it causes us to rejoice. When we look at our lives today and wonder where we would be and what our life could have been without Christ, gladness fills our souls. Like David declared, “I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD.”

Member’s Opportunities

New Sunday School Year begins  today!



Nursery [to age 2]                                      Donna and Dwight Sefcovic

Beginners [age 2-5]                                                      Stephanie Austin

Grades 1-6 Boys/Girls                                Mike and Shi’Linn Truman

Grades 7-12 Boys/Girls                                   Chris and Amy Truman

Adult men/women to age 34                                Scott and Kayla Cox

Adult men/women, age 35-54                           Wade and Betty Allen

Women, age 55- older                                                     Lorraine Lear

Men, age 55- older                                                              David Cruz


OAKCLIFF Neighborhood Association “Neighbors Night Out” will be Friday, September 13 – 6:30-8:30 p.m. Our church is invited. Let’s go across the street to Oakcliff Nazarene for this good neighbor opportunity.



Van Fund total: $3,177.97   Give as the Lord leads! Mark your envelopes “Van Fund”

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