Bulletin for Sunday, July 1, 2018

Welcome to Bodine Baptist Church of Oklahoma City           July 1, 2018


“Holding forth the word of life…” Philippians 2:16


Thank you for joining us today!  We hope you are encouraged, challenged and strengthened by God’s Word and the fellowship of our church family.  If we can be of any assistance to you please let us know.



What you should know about us…..

We believe that God is worthy of all honor.

We believe the Scripture is all sufficient.

We believe Christ-likeness is the aim of the believer’s life.

We believe we are to share the good news with everyone.

We believe He is coming back soon!



Sunday Morning Adult Bible Class Schedule


July 1st – Summer Sunday Morning Bible Study

              Men’s Class: “The Steps of a Good Man”

                                               By Eldon Martens

              Women’s Class: “The Choice is Yours”

                                                    By Terrie Chappell

              Children’s Class:  Paul

                                          Teacher sign-up list in foyer


Pastor Will Ramirez


Get connected    www.bodinebc.org




VBS ….upcoming

Decoration Work Days: Thursday mornings @ 10am:

Decoration Day: Saturday July 14th @ 8am

VBS: July 15th – 18th







Dates to remember:

Wedding Shower: Darian & Rachel July 1st @ 2pm   TODAY!!


4th of July Service/Party: @ The Eldridge’s from 1-10


Dartt’s Final Tour Concert:  July 8th @ 6pm


VBS Work Day: Saturday July 14th @ 8am


VBS: July 15th – 18th


Opportunities to Serve…..

Lawn Mowing Schedule:

July 14th    Team D:  Preston, Scott M, Carl M, Noah


AM Service: Amy Moffett

PM: Need Help!

Wednesday: Need Help!


Church Van ProjectFund Raising: $11,671.50.  Give as the Lord leads! Mark your envelopes “Van Fund”.


Times of Service

Bible Study: Sunday @ 9:45

Sunday Worship Services @ 10:50 & 6:00

Wednesday Prayer Meeting @7:00



Invite your family & friends!

Sunday evening, July 8th @ 6pm







Supplies Needed for VBS Snack Time

(Sign-up sheet located in the foyer)

Snack 1: Vanilla yogurt, strawberries, sliced peaches, oranges, maraschino cherries


Snack 2: sugar cookies, vanilla frosting, chocolate frosting, M&M’s candy, Twizzlers red pull-n-peel licorice,  chocolate sprinkles, and yellow sprinkles


Snack 3: popcorn, fruit snacks, and twist ties


Snack 4: sliced bread, softened butter, cinnamon sugar, plain cinnamon


Snack 5: green gelatin, cool whip, M&M’s candy


Small clear plastic cups, grapes

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